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Current Residence: The Dark.
Skin of choice: Sallow, deathly white...
Favourite cartoon character: Thane, Vera, Logan, Syra, Xain
Hello, my fellow Vampire Fans!

The Eclectic Vampyre is a club for all those out there who love vampires! Myself included.
They can vary from: anime shows, movies, video games, books, especially your own vampires.
No more contest! I'm looking forward for some more vampire related deviations from all our wonderful members!!! Thank you :3

To Join:
:bulletred: Send a note asking to join to the club titled "Join" or "Joining"(or anything similar X3 )
:bulletred: Send a picture of your Vampire that you have drawn :D (we want to know our members!)
:bulletred: Watch the club.
:bulletred: Add us to your journal.
:bulletred: Adding us to your signature is optional but appreciated! ^ ^ Just put ( : dev TheEclecticVampyre : ) without the spaces/parentheses to get this -> TheEclecticVampyre :D

1. You must be a fan of and/or love vampires!
2. In joining, you MUST submit a picture of your</I> vampire. You have about a week to submit it before we start pestering you. We’d rather you have it right away... Thank you!
3. NO FLAMING! If you don't like vampires, why are you even here?!
4. Upon joining, you are given a rank in the club. The more contests you win, the higher your rank becomes (explained more thoroughly below).
5. Respect all members no matter what rank they are.
6. You are not obliged to submit artwork or stories. *NOT counting the OC Vampire when you enter. You can join us to look at artwork or read stories. ^ ^
7. If you want to submit something that’s mature, we’ll put a filter on it. We don't want to get banned...
8. Contests are judged based on creativity, so don't be discouraged! :thumbsup:
9. Please… please don’t comment on/favorite anything from us! Please go to the original artist and show them the love.
10. HAVE FUN! We're all Vampires here… :boogie:

Submitting Artwork & Stories
:bulletred: Send us a note with a link to your art piece or story entitled Submit, Art for Club, etc. Something like that.
:bulletred: Include the title, description, and whether or not it should be labeled mature.

Ranks & Classes
Upon joining, you will be assigned a rank of Vampires, Class E. Every time you win a contest, you move up a rank! Ranks are as follows (from lowest to highest):
Class E
Class D
Class C
Class B
Class A
Noble Vampire
The Administration members are Pureblood Vampires.


Our impartial judges are the Pureblood: 2nd Class: Tya and the administration.

Current Members
Syra : Rank : Pureblood
Amalia : Rank : Pureblood

Tya : Rank : Pureblood: 2nd Class

Naigo18 : Rank : Class C

JesiMarie : Rank : Class D
Em-j-akahana : Rank : Class D
DraculeaRiccy : Rank : Class D
Kibaluverx22 : Rank : Class D

Yuzuki-kitten : Rank : Class E
Andere-Eindringling : Rank : Class E
AsRealAsYouMakeUsToB : Rank : Class E
ColetteLongbottom : Rank : Class E
Faintsage : Rank : Class E
Rozekuru : Rank : Class E
Knuxphntm : Rank : Class E
123ninja123monkey123 : Rank : Class E
13Bubbles : Rank : Class E  
Mangachibehfox : Rank : Class E
Vanhelsingfreak : Rank : Class E
Man1nblack : Rank : Class E
princessstacey3333 : Rank : Class E
Dn-yaoi-plz : Rank : Class E
Zemz : Rank : Class E
Shiromi-uchiha : Rank : Class E
Killerangel47 : Rank : Class E
Drewzers : Rank : Class E
Frozenbananas : Rank : Class E
Zemz : Rank : Class E

:iconthe-church-of-stoker: Our first affiliate!

** "Eclectic" means "varied" we support ALL types of vampires here!
"Vampyre" is spelled “old-English style” for fun ^ ^

Thank you and good day!
  • Listening to: Your heart beat.
  • Watching: Vampires.
  • Drinking: Blood.


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Jayclawcat Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would like to join but I can't draw people worth of crap :'(
ShatteredxHeart13 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
can i joinz too?
sloppyperfectionist Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009
Hello, this is interesting. I don't belong to any clubs on DA yet. :) What do you guys do, aside from contests?
frozenbananas Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
may i join?
TheEclecticVampyre Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009
Sure! If you have anything vampire related, just send it over :3
frozenbananas Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok :3
VampireFrankie Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
I Love vampires.

I just cant draw them...

I'll attempt to draw one soon, You can turn me down but...Even my name features vampires.


Dont pester me I will draw with my pencil untill I break them all!!!!


:skull:Long live the vampires.
TheEclecticVampyre Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
XD You can join, it even says up there that you can join just to look at or read the stuff we submit about vampires X3 So I'll add you and if you have anything related to vampire just send it to me XD ^_^
And I agree with your signature :peace: X3
shiromi-uchiha Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008
I'm gonna have to upload at a later date, i'm sorry, time...
TheEclecticVampyre Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008
Its fine! :3
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